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This was taken on our way home after the races.  The momma is saying to her babies (the other one was camera shy), “Listen, that is the sound of a truck motor and the voices of humans.  When you hear either, RUN!”

This was a fun challenge.  It came at the perfect time for me, since we did have the “Thunder in the Hills”  boat races just a couple miles from our home.  This is an annual race that is held at Rocky Fork Lake and is a great weekend for the folks around here and those for miles around.  The weather is just wonderful, low 80s and high 70s for the two days.  WOW, can’t get much better than that.  Thanks Ed for this weeks challenge.  Check out the other photos of “sound” at Sunday Stills.

Good Morning Sun and Fog

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We’ve been stuck in a fog (morning fog) here lately or maybe it’s just me that is stuck in the fog.  Oh well, which ever, I made it outside while it was still on today and snapped a couple of photos.  Mind you, I had only had one cup of coffee when these were taken and there was another warm cup full calling to me, besides that I was still in my morning dress, so I snapped very quickly and ran for the house.  Enjoy!DSC02567DSC02568

DSC02572I have a real problem shooting photos from my front yard – there are utility lines everywhere.  Then again, if we didn’t have the utility lines, we wouldn’t have all these conveniences that we think we can’t live without!  I guess I’ll continue to take photos of the lines. 

Have a great day.  I going to the chicken coop.

Sharon – TheEggGather

Early Morning Jewels

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Yesterday morning I awoke to a very dense fog.  Yes, I know, my mind is usually in a fog, but this was real, dense, cut-it-with-a-knife fog.  Then as the sun began to shine through I could see the jewels that it was leaving behind.  So, with coffee in one hand and the camera in the other Tully and I went out to snap some photos. 

Mind you, I am like Little Miss Muffett when it comes to spiders, but I must say they can make the most beautiful and complicated masterpieces, especially when ladden with drops of water.  We have a couple of Blue Spruce trees next to our driveway and the smaller of the two was covered with these jewels.  DSC02524



My Fourth of July rose at the end of the driveway was bejeweled with moisture from the fog also.




As we made our way through the wet grass we found a few other sparkling treasures.  Hope you enjoy them as much as we did.



This is my partner in crime or whatever else that I may be doing throughout the day.  This is Tully (Irish-meaning “Ruler of the People”).  He has a few drops of water accumulated on him and I’m sure that he contributed his share of “droplets” while we were enjoying the ‘jewels of the morning’.  DSC02518

Have a great day – I’m going to the chicken coop.

Sharon – TheEggGather


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A country roadside during an auction.Hill Road

DSC00337A random shot of the rose bush at the end of out driveway, just happened to catch the motorcycle passing by.

DSC00116This is also in front of our home during a winter storm.

Haven’t had a lot of extra time this week to go out and shoot new pics, so I decided to use some from the past.

Sunday Stills – Clouds

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I’ve been away far too long.  It’s been hard to get to my computer, but finally, it’s moved to another room and I’m looking forward to posting once again.

As I began looking at all the posts from this weeks challenge, I just had to post some of my clouds too.  Here’s my contributions.Indiana Clouds


Indiana Clouds 1

These were shot while driving across Indiana to my brother’s home. 

Illini ThunderheadThis was taken during my nephew’s wedding reception in Illinois this summer.

DSC01379A view from my kitchen door.S Ohio Spring stormA southern Ohio spring storm brewing.

Bridge to Maysville, KyThe bridge from Aberdeen, Ohio to Maysville, Ky. 

Actually, we are going to go to Maysville and beyond today.  Also will be running around the hills of Adams County, Ohio.  I’ll snap some more photos today and post later in the week.  Thanks Ed for your challenge.  I’m happy to be back.  See you all later.

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