Sunday Stills-the letter W

Today’s challenge is the letter W.  As my life goes, I’m stretching it a bit – so here goes.

We decided to take a drive yesterday morning and venture down some back roads near home.  This is the winding, wintry woad that we took to our destination. 

On the wintry, winding woad we stopped to snap some pictures of the wintry wapid waters on Paint Creek.  BTW, the first photo was taken through a very dirty truck windshield and this one was taken from inside the truck.  I did venture to roll down the window, but not for long.  The temperature had made it up to 18 at this time.  

This photo does not have anything to do with the letter W, except that this big eagle was sitting on Wood.  This was our WOW moment of the day.  We had driven all the way through the winding wintry woad, almost to our destination, when all of a sudden I looked up and there he was just sitting there waiting for me to snap his photo.  WOW!  This made my day!

Hope you all have a WOW day too!


9 Responses to “Sunday Stills-the letter W”

  1. Awsome, i just moved down here to rocky fork lake a year ago. I’ve been told there was eagles around the lake and around our property, but haven’t seen one yet. I can’t wait!!! thanks for putting up the pics. I’ve done that too on my facebook page….. I was looking up the old restaurant at the lake to get info on having my wedding there in a couple months and I found your page. Keep up the good work….

  2. Regular Guy Says:

    A wow moment indeed. Nice job, never seen one out in the wild.

  3. Wow! I’d say the bald eagle counts as a wow!

  4. nice shots!

  5. I was impressed with the wintery water scene and then scrolled down to the bald eagle. “Wow!” is right.

  6. Love the eagle! that is an awesome shot!

  7. I really laughed when I saw the title of your blog, very clever. Mine is a WAW day (Wish Away Winter)

  8. Those are great! I’m surprised you didn’t have a waskily wabbit in there somewhere lol! And how nice that the Wonderful eagle was Waiting for you on such a pretty Winding Wintry Woad. I love bald eagles. That is so great that you saw one. 🙂

  9. Beautiful! How lucky you are to capture a bald eagle pic. I saw one once near the river here and by the time I got my camera out he was gone…

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