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Sunday Stills-the letter W

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Today’s challenge is the letter W.  As my life goes, I’m stretching it a bit – so here goes.

We decided to take a drive yesterday morning and venture down some back roads near home.  This is the winding, wintry woad that we took to our destination. 

On the wintry, winding woad we stopped to snap some pictures of the wintry wapid waters on Paint Creek.  BTW, the first photo was taken through a very dirty truck windshield and this one was taken from inside the truck.  I did venture to roll down the window, but not for long.  The temperature had made it up to 18 at this time.  

This photo does not have anything to do with the letter W, except that this big eagle was sitting on Wood.  This was our WOW moment of the day.  We had driven all the way through the winding wintry woad, almost to our destination, when all of a sudden I looked up and there he was just sitting there waiting for me to snap his photo.  WOW!  This made my day!

Hope you all have a WOW day too!


Sunday Stills-the best of 2010

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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything on my blog.  My one and only resolution for the new year was to do better on posting this year.  What better way to get started than with the first Sunday Stills of 2011. 

This is one of my favorite spots to photograph – Rocky Fork Dam.  As you can see, this was taken after a beautiful snowfall.

These are a couple of my very favorite shots of the blessing that arrived in late February of 2010.  My Mom’s first great-grandson.

The summer soon arrived and so did the butterflies, birds and flowers.

I loved this shot of a train sitting in the countryside in Fayette County. 

Christmas is my favorite time of the year and I had to include a couple of shots of my Christmas trees.  The first one is a simple close-up of the candlelites on our livingroom tree and the second is a tribute to our troops and my son who is deployed.  Keep’em flyin’ son! Semper Fi!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I’m looking forward to seeing all the great photos to come in 2011.


Sunday Stills-Go Low, Look High

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An ant’s eye view of the sky from under the purple coneflower.

The view from the ground at Douglas Pond through the morning mist.

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Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads!

Sunday Stills~Landscapes

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My Sunday Stills this week is dedicated to the  people of Adams County, Ohio.  On Friday they suffered a flash flood that has devastated the area.  We drive the back roads of this county quite often and love to spend time enjoying the beautiful hills and scenery.  Many of the roads that we drove on Saturday had been under water just hours before.  The photos were all taken on Saturday evening. 

After taking in some of the more relaxing sites we then headed for what we have always called “Beech Flats”.  As you can see the roads were getting pretty bad.  In some places there were gulleys washed out as deep as 10 to 12 inches. 

A little farther down the road we ran into this:For us this was the end of the road.  It had wash out.

I just want to say this, we love this part of the country.  It’s where my Dad was born and raised and we have many roots there.  My heart and prayers go out to the people of Adams County during this time.  Within a matter of a couple of hours the lives of the majority of the people in this county had been changed.  Adams County is one of the most economically deprived counties in the state of Ohio.  Where the economy leaves off the determination and guts kick in.  I can say for a fact that the people of Adams County are some of the most determined people of any state in the USA.  I know, I was raised by one of them.  The pictures above show some of the least affected areas.  As we drove route 41 there was a home washed off its foundation with 3 people in it and Brushcreek had over-flowed its banks onto and across route 41 into the homes of the other side of the highway. The family in the home was rescued and are alright.  Late Saturday evening there were many roads that were still closed due to high water and several bridges and roads washed out.  The people of the area were out working and beginning to try to put their lives back into order.  We saw many hugs and handshakes being given to neighbors and friends, people working and pulling together to begin the next phase of their lives in a county that they love to live in.  God bless the people of Adams County. 

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Sunday Stills – Flowers/Wildflowers

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Welcome to Sunday Stills-Flowers/Wildflowers.  Also this one is dedicated to my Mom – it’s her birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!

I was excited when I read this weeks SS was flowers – my favorite subject.  Get ready, this may be a long post.  I’ll try to control myself, so here goes.

Last weekend we drove to Lexington, KY, to visit with my brother’s new trailer sales that recently opened (custom horsetrailers, stock and etc.).   While there my sis-in-law, Mom and friend Amy took a jaunt to the estate of Henry Clay.  Ashland Estate is a beautiful brick home with several acres of lawn, brick-walled formal gardens and a peony garden.  Inside the formal gardens we found this georgeous rose.  There were no name stakes, so I have no idea it’s name – I just called it “beautiful”.

Here’s a sneak peek of the peony garden and that’s my Mom.  I entitled this photo-‘Mom, praying to peony gods’.  I’m saving the rest of the peonies for a later post, so you’ll have to check back later.

My lilacs this year – the bush was loaded.  This has been a great year for flowers.

Charisma – my Mother’s day rose from my older son.

This was taken at the lavender farm near us, Meadowbrook Farms, at their Lavender Day last year.  That’s my sis-in-law, Lori there in the background and lots of honey bees enjoying that wonderful lavender nectar.

The next two photos are of a couple of my favorite daylilies – in an hour my favorites may be something else.  I’ve never met a daylily that I didn’t like love.  The first one is South Seas Moldovan,  just home from McMurray’s Daylilies and waiting to start growing in it’s new home.  Primal Scream is the second.  It was daylily of the year in 2007.  My husband calls it my “investment”.  This pic was taken last summer and this year it has triples in size.  Can’t wait to see the blooms this summer.

This was just one of those pics that you snap without thinking and ends up being one of your faves.

Sunday Gloves daylily macro shot.

Last but not least – a weed that grows everywhere around here.  It is thick in my blackberry patch and grows from a little bulb that looks like a small onion.  It’s cute so I thought I’d add it the collection.

Hope everyone has a great day.   Check out more Sunday Stills-Flowers/Wildflowers as:

See y’all later.

Sunday Stills – Potluck

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Time for Sunday Stills – Potluck.  After many, many hours of trying to get my photos loaded, my wireless keyboard working and everything else out-of-the-way, I present to you my “potluck” of photos.

This is the barn at the Nixon farm where I lived for a few years when I was a kid.  Before we lived there, my Grandparents worked the farm.  Eveything is in shambles now, but the memories are still there.  The house is inhabited by raccoons and who knows what else.  I remember sitting on the well top and waiting each day for the milk man to come and makes his pick-up.  His son started coming with him and I thought he was the most handsome fellow that I’d ever seen – besides my Dad. 

 This is the end of the barn and just thought this was a very different angle.  There was a resident buzzard perched on top watching our every move.Buzzard feathers and cow patties – you had to watch your step.This is the shelter house at Fort Hill.  We’ve had many family reunions here over the years.  It’s just a neat old stone and wood structure.The dogwood and redbuds are blooming right now and stand out against the new green just beginning to appear everywhere.This is the spring where my Grandparents got their drinking water for many years.  It’s been updated since then with new concrete  sides.As we headed home for some supper, we found this little guy getting his supper, too. 

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Have a great day!

Sunday Stills – Hands

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I didn’t read the challenge until yesterday and thought I was going to have to go outside and take some quick snaps of the husband and the Carpenters next door while they were working in the yard and garden.  As I prepared my camera for the task I decided to take a look back through the photos that I had taken a couple of weeks ago while visiting our new family member.  What I discovered were hands…tiny little hands, the hands of a new Daddy, hands of a new Grandma and Grandpa and the loving hands of a new Great-Grandma.  

Their first encounter – Great-grandma and baby Kash.

Hands of love – Grandpa taking his turn with the help of great-Gma.

In his Daddy’s hands – big safe hands.

There’s nothing like a Grandma’s touch, especially the touch of a new Grandma.

Then…the touch of the hands of a sweet little friend coming to visit the first time…..

The one set of hands that I didn’t have a photo of were the hands of Momma A….hands of a wife, nurse, wonderful cook and most of all a great new Mom.

I can’t wait to watch these little hands grow and discover the world around him…..

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Have a great day – Sharon

Sunday Stills – Easter

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Easter this year will be spent with my hubby, one of our sons – our other son is riding his new toy in the sand and dirt in Arizona – my Mom and my Aunt.  My Sunday Still is of a little bunny flower pot holding a beautiful daffodil from my kitchen garden.  Have a happy Easter everyone.

Sunday Stills – Hot Sauces & Salsa

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I’m late, I’m late for a very important date…….here’s my late shots of hot sauce and salsa.  Guess what we are having during the Super Bowl tonight!The fixins’ for mango salsa – minus the lime zest and juice.  No recipe, just the ingredients you see in the photo, all to taste.

Here it is with “all” the ingredients and we’re ready for the game to begin….oh, wait, I’ve got more.

This is the Pioneer Woman’s recipe for restaurant style salsa – mmmmmmmmm!  I added a few shots of Cholula hot sauce.

Now, it’s time for the party to begin.  Check out more ‘hot sauce & salsa’ photos at:

Since the Bengals didn’t make it to the ‘big game’  I have to cheer for our neighbors and my brother’s favorites – GO COLTS!!

Sunday Stills – Moods & Emotions

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This week’s challenge is to create moods and emotions in the viewer, not the moods or emotions  of the author of this blog.

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Thanks for stopping by.

Sharon – the egg gather

Sunday Stills – Best of ’09

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Here are my favorites from the 2009 challenges.  My first is of my Grandpa Brown’s tobacco barn.  It may not be the best of composition but it brings back a lot of memories to me and the fact that it is not longer standing – they tore it down shortly after the pictures were taken.

 My second choice is a macro shot of one of my favorite day lilies – Agnes Schumate.

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