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18 Days

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I can’t believe that 18 days could go by so quickly!  I am appreciative that it was 18 days and not the 12 that was originally planned.  It gave us more time to visit and be with family and friends.  We had a quiet Christmas day at home – see the earlier post about UPDATE…… – had New Years’s Eve with my Aunt and Cousins, had another Christmas celebration with my Brother and family the following weekend, and then dinner here and there with family members and friends.  Finally, this past weekend we invited them all back to our house for an open house on Sunday afternoon and evening.  It was a whirlwind, but lots of fun.  As you can imagine, there was plenty of food everywhere we went.  B kept saying that he had PFTs in a couple weeks after returning his home and that he needed to not eat so much “stuff”.  I have a feeling that he will be working all those calories off during the next few days trying to get ready for his next trip.  It’s moving time again for him and he’s trying to get everything packed up and in storage.  While he was home he managed to get in some deer hunting, we had a few card games and of course some partying with his friends.  Couldn’t leave that out!  

Well, as promised to Dibear, here are some photos of our visit:

  Our family.

Here’s Grandma checking out B’s tats.  Actually, this one is in memory of my Dad.  It’s a celtic cross – the Murphy cross – with his name above it.

Here he is doing what kids do best – playing.  I think he’s out-numbered!

Buddies 4 life!  This is one of the kids that was next door to us.  They have all been friends since they were born.  It’s great to have wonderful neighbors and friends!  

B returned to the west coast this past Tuesday.  When we arrived at the airport we dropped him off so he could pick up his ticket and boarding pass while we parked the truck.  When we entered the airport he told us they needed our IDs so they could issue security passes for us to go with him to the gate and wait for his plane.  That was so nice to get to spend that extra time with him.  Thanks to the airline officials for their coöperation during these times.  To us as the families, every hour is precious.  Then it was time to say ‘so-long’ and ‘hurry home to us again’.  We waited in the corridor until the plane pulled out of sight.  It was a long walk back to the parking garage with a few stops and looks back over our shoulders on the way.  When you say your prayers, please say an extra one for our military guys and gals that keep us free and safe.  As for now, it’s hurry up and wait until the final orders are given.  Tully and I are going for a walk and maybe check on the neighbors chickens and think and pray.

Til the next time – Sharon – the egg gather