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I Love Spring!

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It is spring!  I think it’s my fave season – at present, anyway.  I’ll probably change my mind in a week or so, but for now it’s my fave.  Gee, I’m getting into this cyber-talk or whatever you want to call it.  I still can’t tell a ‘short’ story – I love details.  Just ask my kids.  When I tell a story about something they are standing there with their heads shaking, their hands motioning to help me get along with the subject and then there’s that eye-roll thingy that they do.  The Marine is especially bad at that – he’s use to the hurry, hurry, hurry life of the Marine Corps.  I called the base for him, knowing that he should answer the phone, but I was soooooo confused when someone at the other end said, “hellosgth======speakingcanIhelpyou?”  Now you have to imagine this being said at an extremely fast pace, I mean extremely fast. There was no punctuation in there at all, just “hellosgth======speakingcanihelpyou?”   All I could say was, “huh? who is this?”  From the other end I heard, “Mom, it’s me.”  “Oh, OK, I couldn’t understand you.  Could you please speak a little slower?”   I found out later that they all speak like that – I guess it’s a Marine thang!

OK, back to the story.  See, I told you I couldn’t tell a short story.  I’ll be off track again before the end of this post.  I’ll try to control myself, so stick with me and if I begin talking like a Marine just slow me down. 

Oh, yea, I love spring, it’s my favorite fave season of the year.  Tully and I took a fast walk around the yard yesterday and I snapped a couple of photos of some the new flowers that are out.  My daffodils and tulips, except for a couple in the front yard are all spent, caput, finished, dead,  but, the lilacs are blooming and they smell sooo wonderful. 

Oh, yea, another thing about spring is that my “adopted ladies” are laying their beautiful brown eggs again and so are those cute little gals with the hairy legs – oh, that sounds nasty.   They are cute, hairy legs and all and they lay the cutest little white eggs you ever saw.  Takes about three of them to make a good large egg.  Mrs. Carpenter just ordered some new baby chicks and I can’t wait for them to come.  She also got a new rooster.  Boy, is he ever a good cockadodoodler.  That fellow starts about 5:30 in the morning and he doesn’t run down all day.  I know what his problem is.  She has him in a pen all by himself.  What respectable rooster wants to be shut up in a pen all by himself when there’s a dozen or so big fluffy nice hens running around outside.  Poor guy.  Maybe next week when she turns  him loose with the “ladies” he won’t want to crow so much or so early or so late in the evening.  I’m going over and have a talk with those “ladies” and get them all riled up – I know, I’ll read that article to them that was the new Redbook magazine.  Well, maybe I’d better not read that to them, I really don’t know how they would react to it.  Those of you that get Redbook, know what article I’m talking about.  “Let me tell you ’bout the birds and bees and the flowers and the trees and the moon up above….and this thang called love”.  You’d much rather read those words than to hear me sing them to you.  If you really want to hear me sing it, just give me a call.  OK, I’m off subject again.  I have a feeling that I just spiked the sales of Redbook for this month – wonder if they will give me a cut of the sales?  The Marine is rolling his eyes (he would be if he were here/heaven help me if he reads this) and the other kid is ignoring me.  He does that when I get this way.  I think this is a story I will have to keep you informed of, so stay tuned.  I’m talking about the chickens and the rooster, not the kids.  Gee, the Pioneer Woman has her “High Heels and Tractor Wheels” saga and I have a saga about the rooster next door dreaming about the day he gets turned loose with all those fluffy hens.  They’re all fluffy but one.  Tully decided he would “play” with her a couple of weeks ago, she’s fine, just minus a few feathers.

Back to the subject….oh, yea, spring.  I’d better post a few pictures of some of the things that I get excited about now that it’s spring.  Enjoy.

Aren’t those just beautiful?  Those gals do a great job.

Oh, I’ve got to go and cut some of these to bring into the house.  Gosh, I wish you had a scratch-n-sniff computer screen.

This is a bud on the quince tree.  Soon it will turn into………

……..this.  Isn’t that pretty?  The honey bees just love’em.

Well, that’s all for today.  I’m going to make some notes for my “birds & bees” talk with the “ladies” next door.

See you all later – Sharon