Hi folks, my name is Sharon, aka ‘The Egg Gather’.  I know it should have another er on the end, but that’s the way things go sometimes.  When life gives you eggs – make an omelet!

I’m married to my high school sweetheart and we have two grown sons.  We live in the country in southern Ohio with lots of hills and lakes close by.  I enjoy gardening, painting, cross stitching and antiques.  Lately, I’ve been snapping pictures of anything that gets in front of me and have had a ball doing it.  I’m far from being a pro and don’t ever plan on becoming one, but if I take a picture and I’m satisfied with it, then it’s good enough. 

We are owned by three dogs – ” Tully” is our baby.  He’s about 8 months old, a Jack Russell and full of energy – oh, did I mention that he’s full of energy and loves to eat anything that gets in his path including chair legs and rungs.  I truly thought about changing his name a few months back – Tully, Irish –  meaning “ruler of the people” –  I should have known better!  “Murph” is our English setter.  He’s beautiful and full of life also.  He got his name the night we went to pick him up at the kennel.  We put him in the crate and I had put a nice soft towel in it for him to lay on – he took one look at the towel, grawled and his ‘attitdue’ came to life.  I just looked at D and we both knew what his name would be.  Add “y” to the end of his name and you have a fightin’ Irishman with lots of attitude and heart that never gives in to anything.  This is almost too much for two old people!  He’s still a puppy at heart and I think will always be.  Last but not least is “Belle”.  Belle is our beagle (actually, she’s our son’s, but you know how grandparents are) and what can you say about a beagle other than they are the sweetest, most lovable and affectionate dogs alive.   I will introduce you to them in person in a later post. 

I love country music, I love my country and have a special place in my heart for our military.  God bless them all!  Semper Fi to my baby.

I will explain in a post when and where I came up with my blog name and introduce you to some of my friends –  namely, Thelma and Louise.

See ya in the chicken coop  – Sharon

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