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Finding New Homes

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Fruit in Cigar BoxSaturday was a beautiful day to attend an auction.  The sun was shining, there was a breeze blowing and the temperature was in the 80s.  A little warm for April, but it was nice after the gloomy start of the week.  As I walked around the grounds and looked at the items that were going to be finding new homes within the next few hours, I was a little sad.  No, I was more than ‘a little sad’, I was just plain sad!  Everything here belonged to a dear friend of ours, much of it made by his own hands.  After retiring from farming, he became a wonderful woodworker.  There were rolling pins and holders, wooden bowls, candle sticks, picture frames, tv cabinets, children’s table and chair sets, tables, computer desks and many more items, all made by him.  A beautiful rolltop desk that he made is now on it’s way to Kansas to live with one of his daughters.  There were boxes of Christmas decorations and I thought about the Christmases his family had enjoyed them.  There was a cake plate, how many birthday cakes had it held for his family members.  Canning jars, how many times had he filled them and then enjoyed the bounty of his beautiful garden during the cold winter months.  His tools, we alreday know what all he did with them.  The tractor – as the auctioneer was selling it, there he was, one of his daughters with her hand on his shoulder and his grandson at his side, the look on his face said it all.  I’ve never cried at an auction before, but I couldn’t hold the tears back.  I know how much he loved living here in the country.  For ninety years this community has been his life and now he was saying goodbye to it all to start anew in the warm sunshine of Arizona.  Sometimes we don’t have a choice as to how we will live out our remaining years.  He is a very lively, vibrant ninety year-old that is loosing his eyesight.  Not by choice, but because of nesessity he is making a new home close to one of his daughters.

 We came home with a truck load of goods Saturday evening.  D bought some of the woodworking tools and I am now the new owner of a table that our friend had made.  Next winter when we dump out a new box of puzzle pieces onto the table we will think of him with each piece that is put together.  Hanging on our living wall, directly over the table, is a beautiful clock that he made and he and my Aunt gave to us for Christmas last year.  In my kitchen are rolling pins, cutting boards and other items that he had made over the years and had given to me.  He will be many miles away but a part of him will always be here in our home and especially in our hearts.  Dan, we love you and will never forget all the times we have spent together.  Can’t wait for your visit this summer. auction #4auction#3

Until later – Sharon

Sunday Stills – Barns

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Nixon BarnMy first Sunday Still – this is the barn that I played in as a child.  The grain crib to the right was filled with corn and wheat and my cousins and I spent many hours in there playing hide the corn cob.  It didn’t take much to entertain us back then and I wouldn’t trade any of those games for an XBox or whatever is out there today.

Below is my husband’s Grandparents barn on their home place and a tobacco barn that my Grandfather spent many hours in during his later years.  These are all just a few minutes from our home here in southern Ohio. 

 The barns have seen better days, but there are no better memories than those we have in our hearts and minds of those days gone by.  When I close my eyes, the barn of my childhood is still painted a beautiful shade of gold, the crib is still filled with corn and wheat that feels cool to the touch of my bare feet, the stripping shed at the side of the tobacco barn is still upright and warm inside from the heat of the small wood stove and D can still hang tobacco to the top of his Grandpa’s barn without as much as an ache or pain. 

dsc01699Grandpa Brown's Tobacco Barn

Until next time – Sharon

A New World For Me

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This is my first, my #1, my maiden voyage into the world of blogging.  I’ve soooo much to learn and I hope I can share something with someone out there in the world.


Sharon – The egg gatherer