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Sunday Stills~Landscapes

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My Sunday Stills this week is dedicated to the  people of Adams County, Ohio.  On Friday they suffered a flash flood that has devastated the area.  We drive the back roads of this county quite often and love to spend time enjoying the beautiful hills and scenery.  Many of the roads that we drove on Saturday had been under water just hours before.  The photos were all taken on Saturday evening. 

After taking in some of the more relaxing sites we then headed for what we have always called “Beech Flats”.  As you can see the roads were getting pretty bad.  In some places there were gulleys washed out as deep as 10 to 12 inches. 

A little farther down the road we ran into this:For us this was the end of the road.  It had wash out.

I just want to say this, we love this part of the country.  It’s where my Dad was born and raised and we have many roots there.  My heart and prayers go out to the people of Adams County during this time.  Within a matter of a couple of hours the lives of the majority of the people in this county had been changed.  Adams County is one of the most economically deprived counties in the state of Ohio.  Where the economy leaves off the determination and guts kick in.  I can say for a fact that the people of Adams County are some of the most determined people of any state in the USA.  I know, I was raised by one of them.  The pictures above show some of the least affected areas.  As we drove route 41 there was a home washed off its foundation with 3 people in it and Brushcreek had over-flowed its banks onto and across route 41 into the homes of the other side of the highway. The family in the home was rescued and are alright.  Late Saturday evening there were many roads that were still closed due to high water and several bridges and roads washed out.  The people of the area were out working and beginning to try to put their lives back into order.  We saw many hugs and handshakes being given to neighbors and friends, people working and pulling together to begin the next phase of their lives in a county that they love to live in.  God bless the people of Adams County. 

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Sunday Stills – Moods & Emotions

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This week’s challenge is to create moods and emotions in the viewer, not the moods or emotions  of the author of this blog.

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