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Sunday Stills~History

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This weeks challenge was history, over 60 years old – well, I could have taken a photo of  “me”, but thought I’d spare you the shock.

I’ve been planning on posting this and several others of this old house in our community – I’m sure it’s 60+ because I can not remember anyone living in it during my 60+ years living around here.  Enjoy!

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Have a great Sunday!!

Sunday Stills-Go Low, Look High

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An ant’s eye view of the sky from under the purple coneflower.

The view from the ground at Douglas Pond through the morning mist.

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Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads!

Catchin’ Up & Beautiful Blooms

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I know, it’s been awhile – sorry.  There are times when I’m just not in a talkative mood.  My brain doesn’t work, I really think it’s water-logged as is the soil in our garden, or what there is of it.  The tomatoes are lovin’ the hot sun and water and they’re growin’ to beat the band, but the beans are another story.  I don’t know if it was the rain or just that they weren’t planted in the right ‘sign’.  My Dad and the Pressman really didn’t believe in “planting in the sign” until they had to replant a whole bunch of beans onetime for my Grandma.  She tried to tell them that it wasn’t the right “time” to plant beans and their comment was #$%^%  !@$^&  ^%^&  *???? – I dare not translate that.   With a bag of beans in one hand and a bucket of fertilizer in the other they replanted “in the right sign” – and there were beans!  

 My Gardener – you didn’t know I had one, did you?  He’s 40ish, nice lookin’ and has lived on the 23rd floor of a highrise in The Windy City for several years.  He didn’t know what he was missing until he returned to the country and started pulling weeds, tilling the garden, planting veggies and raking the grass the very first week he was back here.  He decided that wasn’t the most intelligent thing to do, especially without gloves – he had to go to work with very large blisters on both hands – live and learn.  He’s toughened up in the past year.  He planted several hills of pole beans – it musta’ been the “right sign”, they ALL came up.  The next step is to get the poles cut.  We’ve got a small grove of saplings back in the field, but with all the rain we’ve had the spring is running good back there and we’ve not been able to get the tractor and bush hog that far to mow the weeds.  I have a feeling, that will be the Pressman’s job, cause the Gardener  is just like his Mom – he hates snakes and I have a feeling that there are a few of those creepy-crawlers back there.  It will also be tick heaven with butt high weeds all around. 

Actually, I didn’t plan on telling you all that – I wanted to show some my flowers that are blooming right now.  

My hydrangeas haven’t done well the past two years, but this year has been perfect.  Lots of water and sunshine and they are happy, these girls have gone wild!The daylilies are beginning to bloom.  A couple of mine have found new homes in the garden.  The were in the flower beds by the kitchen and didn’t like it there, so we moved them to the edge of the garden and they have more than doubled since their move late last summer.  This Electric and I think it lives up to it’s name.  See what you think.Margrit Rose is the other daylily that was moved and she hasn’t shown her blooms yet, but I’ll post when she does.  She’s beautiful!  I’ll bet some of you guessed why I had to have her – for those of you that don’t know, my Mom’s name is Margaret.  When I saw Margrit Rose she just reminded of my Mom~littleish, kind of quiet and beautiful in pink.   

This is Granite City Towhead.  GCT was planted late in the summer last year has done well.  Love the tall scapes and big petals.

Here’s GCT ‘up close and personal’.  Love the colors.

This is Chattahoochee Rose, one of the first ones that I bought in 2005 at Sugar Creek Daylilies in Indiana.  I keep waiting for Alan Jackson to start singing “Way down yonder on the Chattahoochee”……guess who is singing right now on the radio…it’s him, but he’s singing my all-time favorite “Remember When”.  Come to think of it, I can’t think of any of his songs that’s not a fave on mine.  I’m off subject, I know, but it’s hard to think straight when I hear him sing…I’ll be back soon….

ok, I’m back to reality.  

This is the Fairy Rose.  It’s almost finished blooming for the first time, but has hundreds of buds getting ready to put on another fairytale show in a couple of weeks.  It just goes nonstop all summer.

We’ve had so much rain lately and we keep finding bird nest that have blown or washed out of the trees in the yard.  We found this one over the weekend.  One egg survived and the other didn’t. 

The last photo that I have to show is more or less and advertisement.  The “Gardener” has started a line of soy candles and he and I took some photos for him to use in his brochure.  I thought Ishould add one of them here because it has flowers in it too.  Namely, the girls that have gone wild in front of the house.  Beechstreet Candleworks is the name and you can see more about them on Facebook.

I have many more photos on Flickr.  Just click on the ‘more pictures’ at the side of the blog and you should be able to check them out.  Hope you enjoy. 

Until the next time – I’m going to the chicken coop next door.  They have new babies and they are soooo photogenic.

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Sharon ~TheEggGather