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A Look Back at Our Colorful Fall

Posted in Uncategorized on November 17, 2009 by TheEggGatherer

Hi, All! I’ve been away far too long. Ive been working on a project for the local historical society but now I’m back home most of the time and ready to do some writing and picture takin’.

D and I took a drive a few weeks ago and saw some beautiful fall colors. Actually, we drove around Rocky Fork Lake which is in our front door. The sun was shining, the sky was a brilliant blue and the colors were absolutely gorgeous. We gathered acorns, those that were left after the local squirrels had taken their share for their winter stash, watched ducks and geese float lazily by on the lake and looked over the dam as the water plummeted to the bottom near the old McCoppin Mill. We also found some black walnuts to gather and hull. Later we will crack them and make my Grandma Brown’s tasty black walnut cookies. MMmmmmmmm! I can hardly wait. Another surprise that we wondered upon was a nice stand of bittersweet. Lucky for me that D had his pocket knife with him and we gathered the orange berries to use for fall decorations.

Fall is my favorite time of year. The hot, humid summer days are past, it’s time to put the garden and flower beds to rest for the winter and the colors of the autumn leaves are so invigorating.

The colorful leaves have now fallen to the ground and just this past weekend D mulched the last of them, making them ready to turn into wonderful black compost for next year’s garden and flower beds. The cattails lining the edge of Douglas Pond cast a rusty-red glow on the water and contrast wonderfully with the reflection of the tall white sycamores at the edge of the woods.

The next drive that we take will probably be to see the snow falling on the edges of the frozen lake, but until then I’ll share these pictures of our day with you. Enjoy!



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