Good Morning Sun and Fog

We’ve been stuck in a fog (morning fog) here lately or maybe it’s just me that is stuck in the fog.  Oh well, which ever, I made it outside while it was still on today and snapped a couple of photos.  Mind you, I had only had one cup of coffee when these were taken and there was another warm cup full calling to me, besides that I was still in my morning dress, so I snapped very quickly and ran for the house.  Enjoy!DSC02567DSC02568

DSC02572I have a real problem shooting photos from my front yard – there are utility lines everywhere.  Then again, if we didn’t have the utility lines, we wouldn’t have all these conveniences that we think we can’t live without!  I guess I’ll continue to take photos of the lines. 

Have a great day.  I going to the chicken coop.

Sharon – TheEggGather


4 Responses to “Good Morning Sun and Fog”

  1. Beautiful shots. I’m with you on the power lines, but I like your attitude better. 🙂

  2. Hello hello! I am honored that you would come to my blog and leave a comment. I love love LOVE your blog, I too am a chicken-lover, although I don’t have any of my own yet, I just love caring for the chickens out at the horse-camp/farm I work at. Your fog photos are beautiful — I don’t usually think to photograph the fog, since we have it pretty much every morning over here. 🙂

    Please thank your son for me for his service, and thank you for being willing to send him.

    • theegggather Says:

      I will pass along the thanks to our son. As far as me being willing to send him, I made that choice a long time ago. Being a Marine was the only thing he ever wanted to do with his life. He’s a lifer – 14 years down and who knows how many to go. Thanks for supporting our “kids” in the military – we appreciate and are grateful for folks like you. God Bless!

      • May the Lord bless you and your son also! Where in CA is he stationed? We used to live in Yucca Valley, near the 29 Palms MCAGCC. Now we are not far from Camp Pend. near Oceanside. I don’t know if you’ve read the blog, she is a friend of mine whose husband returned last year from Ir@q. Bless your son for devoting his life to serving his country and keeping us all free. 🙂

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