Today is the First Day of the Rest of My………

…….. Blogging Life! Ah ha, you thought I was going to say something bad.  Shame on you. 

Here I am, A G A I N!   How many times have I restarted this blog?  1? 2? A dozen times?  I’ve thought a lot about just letting the blog go, but as I was baking a cake yesterday, I had all kind of ideas for writing. I guess I need to cook more often – seems as though I think better, or maybe crazier, when I’m in the kitchen.  I’m sure my husband would love for me to be in the kitchen more often, so maybe I just need to rearrange my life, go through some old cookbooks and get out the fixin’s for some yummy meals so I can conjure up some ideas for my readers. 

Conjure  brings up some different thoughts – doesn’t a witch ‘conjure’ up ways to inflict pain on her enemies.  Hmmmm, I need to find my witch’s hat (some believe that I wear it ALL the time), maybe that will help me come up with some words.  Not that you all are my enemies, but maybe some role-playing would help to inspire my tired brain.  OR, maybe I just need a potion of some sort.   Naaa, I’d probably better just stick to cookin’ up stuff.  Of course, that can be taken a lot of different ways too.   

I make no promises.  I apologize right now for my bad language, grammar, punctuation, miss-spelled words, misplaced words, words turned dnuora sdrawkcab, words bass ackwards, etc.  Heck, sometimes I even forget to use spell check on this thing.  Enough of all this willy-nilly, I’m back and want to share some photos from my early morning ventures to Douglas Pond – actually it’s just across the road from my house, but it sounds like a long adventurous journey doesn’t it?

Good MorningFoggy Autumn Morn

I’m going to leave you with these calming early morning shots.  Please don’t give up on me, I’m trying to hang in there. 

Have  a wonderful day, I’m heading to the chicken coop.


PS-I remembered to use spell check and they have never heard of words like naaa, cookin’ , dnuora sdrawkcab, ackwards and hmmmmm.  Come to think of it, they didn’t even have witch.  HA!  That’s probably not in there either!!

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