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Sunday Stils-the color Yellow

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Decided to use a  photo from last years flower garden and a new iris from this spring.

Check out all the other colors or yellow on Sunday Stills.


Here’s What is Blooming Now

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Butterscotch and White Iris

This is my surprise iris.  It probably came from my sis-in-law’s in Indiana, but I don’t really remember.   Finally, after about 7 days of nothing but bud, it opened today.  I love it!






4th of July Climbing Rose

This my 4th of July climbing rose.  It  is covered with bloom, as are the others.  I’ve never had this many buds on any of my rose bushes before.





Purple IrisAnother clump of irises.  These have to be the most beautiful of all the purple ones I have.  They have multiplied quickly and have enormous blooms.





In a few days my Fairy Rose will be in bloom and I’ll have some photos of it . 

Until then, I’m going to the chicken coop – Sharon

Tales of Tully

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I’ve decided to start a series of writings about our newest family member, Tully.  It all started in the fall of 2008 when I decided that I really needed a Jack Russell in my life again.  A good friend of my brother’s in Indiana raises Jacks and Beagles, so I gave him a call and made arrangements to go pick up our new bundle of joy.  I told the Big Teddybear, that’s how my niece described him,  that I wanted a short legged puppy and he said he had just the one for me. 

 Now, I might explain, we have had two other JRs in the past.  Reggie, our first and the one that totally spoiled us, was the taller version and was a great hunter.  Actually, he was such a great hunter that I learned very quickly to look before I stepped out the kitchen door.  I’ve found ground hogs, rats, mice, moles, shrews and the like waiting for me when leaving the house, and maybe a few of the neighbor’s cats.  Sorry!    Oh, and then there was the occasional horse turd or two.  He was a wonderful dog.  He loved providing for his family.  He had lots of energy, but was such an easily trained dog to be a JR.  Like I said, he spoiled us.   My Dad gave me a female for Christmas one year and she also was on the leggy side, was a loner and turned out to be my hubby’s dog.  She would do anything for him.  Unfortunately, we lost Reggie when he was 14 and George (I know, she was a girl) at 10.  It had been a long time since we had been without a JR.  These little guys grow on you and once you’ve had one around it’s hard to do without them. 

OK, back to the bundle of joy.  Big Teddybear emailed photos of a few of the ones he thought I’d be interested in and of course, when I saw the pictures I wanted them all.  There was that little guy with the short legs and those big eyes, another little black and white one and then, there was this little fellow with the long shaggy hair around his mouth and a few straggly hairs hanging off the edges of his ears.  He had tan and black markings and really different from any we had had before.  He had these eyes that just looked right through you and there was that hair sticking up from the corners of each eye.  He reminded me of a teenage boy that had just begun to grow a beard, sort of spotty, a few stray hairs here and there minus the pimples.  No, I wanted that little short legged, tan and white guy, the one the Big Teddybear had told me about on the phone!  Well, we arrived at the home of Big Teddybear and Mommabear and there was a gazillion puppies running around in the front yard of their home.  There was Mommabear right in the middle of all of them.  I knew that those puppies had been given lots of TLC.  Well, I watched and played, played and watched and the more I played and watched, the more I liked the one with the shaggy hair.  We’d never had a broken coat JR before, never had one with tan and black markings.   OK, it’s getting late and I have to make up my mind.  I take both the little guy and the one going into early puberty out by themselves.  Who has the most outgoing personality, the guts, the attitude.  The winner is –  the teenager!  Dear Lord, I’d raised two boys, gone through male puberty twice, actually three time, I started going with my hubby when I was 14 and he was 15 – hadn’t I been through this enough in my lifetime??  No, I wanted guts, fortitude, that go-for-it attitude, that football player mentality, that give it to me or I’ll take it from you state-of-mind, that OOOH-RAH tenacity, that Marine Corps fortitude – I wanted the teenager – and I got him.  Like I said earlier, we had leave so Big Teddybear could have some supper and Mommabear could go sit back in the recliner and let those cute little cuddly puppies give her puppy kisses – she needed puppy kisses, she’d been cooped up in a classroom full of punks all day and needed some downtime.  Slurp, slurp! 

The week before going to Indiana to pick up our new bundle of joywas spent researching Irish dog names of the internet.  I wanted Irish, something different and something with a meaning to it.  I wanted something really different, oh, did I say that before?  The name that I kept coming back to was Tully.  Yeah, I know, you’re saying the same thing that everyone else says, What?  Telly?  No, T-U-L-L-Y, Tully.  Meaning, “RULER OF THE PEOPLE”!  What was I thinking?  I was caught up in the moment.  I have no other excuse!  

Finally, the decision was made and it was a good one, but there are times when I scratch my head and contemplate what it would be like to get up in the middle of the night and not step on the kong with slobbery peanut butter oozing out the end of it, or trip over a giraffe named Gerry that is still a little on the wet side from a slobbery game of fetch or step on the rubber moose that we nicknamed Sarah (you know, Sarah Palin, moose hunting, etc).  I can see that you are rolling your eyes, so it’s time to relieve you of this misery for now.  Here are a few photos of  Tully, Ruler of the People, the pup with attitude, our peeing pooping, munching on the chair leg,  bundle of joy.

Does this look like Attitude to you?Does this look like attitude to you? 






Hole digger in training

My first hole!  Practise makes perfect.






Whatch out Chesty, there's a new Marine on the block.

Look at me, world!  I’m big, I’m tough, I have attitude and guts……….









oh, I gotta pee!





to be continued…….”Tales of Tully”


Sunday Stills – Eyes

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Baby Robin EyesDean's EyeBelle's Eyes




Couldn’t resist the pic of the baby robin.  We found him sitting on the fence early this morning, so I just had to put him in here.  I had taken the picture of my husband’s eye earlier, not knowing that it would come into play for this challenge.  The last photo is of Belle, our beagle, she has beautiful eyes, full of love.

This was a fun challenge. Thanks Ed.

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A Few Blooms Here and There

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Today is a beautiful day.  Blue skies, lots of sunshine, green grass, more green grass and …..well, more green grass.  I should be on the mower, but instead I’m wondering around my yard snapping pictures of the few blooms I have at the present time.  I guess if D can take the day to go fishing, I can just mosey around the yard doing nothing.  Tomorrow, it’s suppose to rain, so that means no fishing, no mowing and then by the time it dries we’ll have to use the bush hog.  Oh, well, it’s either feast or famine. 

 Sunday afternoon I was at my Mom’s and snapped a few photos of her flowers too, so I thought I’d add them this group.  Mom's ColumbinePainted DaisyMy ColumbineIris









I’m feeling really guilty, I’d better go get the mower going before he gets home, or at least have it running when he comes in the driveway.  By then, it will be time for supper and I can sit and listen to the ‘fish tales’ of the day.  I’m sure there will be lots to listen too.  Five men on a boat, all day long – there will be lots of ‘fish tales’ or lots of gossip.  Probably both.  

Enjoy the pictures, I enjoyed taking them.

Until later – Sharon

Sunday Stills-Black and White

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Douglas PondDouglas Pond, my view from the kitchen window.


Adams County RoseMy Adams County rose beginning to leaf this spring.

TullyTully, after a fun time digging a new hole in the mud.

All of the photos were in color and I ‘worked’ on making them into black and white. My first attempt.

Meet Thelma and Louise

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Miss Priss and BabeI'm Too Sexy for my FeathersThelma and LouiseI thought it was time that you came to know why my blog is entitled, “Just Chicken Sittin”. I do not own chickens, but my neighbors do. Mrs. Carpenter decided last summer that she was going to go into the chicken business. Not a huge business, just a few meat chickens and some laying hens. Her hubby, Mr. Carpenter, built a neat little chicken house from the old barn boards of his Dad’s barn, he painted it, put up shutters and a window box, built the pen and the whole works. The babies arrived and over the next few weeks grew into nice fat hens, and, oh, yes, one cute little black and white rooster – little being the defining word. The economy being as it is, the carpentry business in our area was next to nothing, so Mr. Carpenter and his son and son-in-law took jobs out of state – way out of state. Like, Texas! Since they would be working so far from home Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter’s kids and grand kids packed up and went with Mr. Carpenter and stayed for weeks on end. The grand kids are home schooled, so this provided an opportunity for them to see some our country and experience life in other states. Mrs. Carpenter stayed behind to take care of things on the home front, but as the weeks went by she got very lonely for her family. We’ve been neighbors since 1976, their kids are our kids, ours are theirs. They’ve broken each others collar bones, banged one another in the head with hammers, wrecked mini bikes together, gone into the chicken business together, cried when one of ours was leaving for the Marines and prayed for one another all of these years. They’ve also baby sat our horses, goats and dogs on numerous occasions. What are neighbors for?  We love em’ and I hope they love us. 

The picture above(which is the same as my banner pic)is of Thelma and Louise. Thelma and Louise are the rebels of the brood. They do their own thing. They are the first to escape from the pen each morning when we let them out for the day and usually like to stay out late at night – they like their night life.  Several nights a week we have to go fetch T and L from the fence behind the coop and escort them to the door so they can go in and roost with the rest of the flock. They just like breaking curfew, doing their own thing, ridin’ the fence and staying out late at night. Can’t you just see them – breaking the speed limit in their little convertible, their sun glasses on and their scarves flappin’ in the breeze! Yup, there goes Thelma and Louise!

Then, there’s the rooster of the flock. He doesn’t have a specific name. It just depends on how he is acting and how I’m feelin’ on any particular day. The name he likes the least is “I’m Gonna Flog Your Butt” if you come strutting up to me like that again. I’ve never flogged it, it’s too cute! He’s a ‘lot of strut’ and that’s about it. He’s a little guy, there’s only three other hens that are smaller than him and that has to be confusing. He’s got to be wondering what these humans were thinking when they turned him loose in a pen with 17 hens and only 3 little ones in the bunch!?!? Humans, who can figure them out!

Then we come to Miss Pris and Babe. They just kinda roam around the properties huntin’ for lunch. They love to go into our barn with D and follow him around while he is puttering. They’ve established a nice dusting hole in the corner of my flower bed next to the kitchen porch. They are sweet and like to follow you to coop when it’s feeding time. Then all the others, I’m sure I’ll have names for them too as time goes on. I actually enjoy taking care of the Mr. & Mrs. Carpenter’s flock. They’re like their owners, sweet and lovable. I love my neighbors and their whole ‘brood’.  Mrs. Carpenter was headin’ for Texas this morning to be with her family, so as of 6am we’re “JUST CHICKEN SITTIN’“. 

Until later – Sharon

PS – my pictures are in the wrong order – first one is of Miss Pris and Babe, second is the rooster and third is  Thelma and Louise.  DUH!

Sunday Stills

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Hyacinth and BeeDogwood BlossomDouglas Pond through the dogwood blooms

Hyacinth and Bee2Lilacs

This was fun.  I could fill a book with photos of my flowers.  Looking forward to seeing everyone’s pics.  I hope you had as much fun as I did.  Thanks Ed.

Until next time – Sharon


I just couldn’t let it go, had to add another!