Sunday Stills-Go Low, Look High

An ant’s eye view of the sky from under the purple coneflower.

The view from the ground at Douglas Pond through the morning mist.

See more Low/High photos at:

More of the misty morning shots on my flickr page:

Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads!


12 Responses to “Sunday Stills-Go Low, Look High”

  1. Looks like we had a similar idea! I do like the pond shot best, its very peaceful.

  2. Fantastic shots! Love the perspective of the first one and the colors of the last one.

  3. Awesome photos!!! Good job!!

  4. beautiful photos

  5. so you were on your back to take the photo? Great job.

  6. These are great. I’m especially lovin’ the first shot.

  7. Like that last shot, real nice.

  8. perfect shots! I love the barb wire behind the flower and I love how clear the grass is in the 2nd shot.

  9. Very cool! Love them!

  10. Love the second shot the best. Great color! 🙂

  11. The mist shot is fantastic! Great job..:-)

  12. Love the wheat (?) shot!

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