Sunday Stills – Moods & Emotions

This week’s challenge is to create moods and emotions in the viewer, not the moods or emotions  of the author of this blog.

Check out all the “moods & emotions” at Sunday Stills:

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Sharon – the egg gather

13 Responses to “Sunday Stills – Moods & Emotions”

  1. Copied from ‘My Comments’ in case you don’t come back!

    Hello Sharon!

    Charlotte coat is a ‘Baker Blanket’. I got it about 12-15 years ago at a trade show in Valley Forge for people in the Horse Tack business. (A friend of mine had a tack store and I went with her one year.) I bought mine at the wholesale price….which back then I think was about $22.

    Anyway…I would say that it’s a great little coat. I have never had anything repaired or replaced on it and as you well know JRT’s can be a little rough!

  2. Now where have I seen that expression in number 2 before????

    “Huh? What? Who? Wasn’t me?”

  3. #1 Overwhelmed
    #2 GAH!!!!
    #3 Peaceful

    Great shots! You did good.


  4. All of these shots are very strong and definitely meet the challenge. Nice!!!
    Thanks for your comment about my first photo…you know the feeling.

  5. Regular Guy Says:

    The boy looks like he caught the dog, LOL.

  6. The little boy seems confused. The puppy’s face has innocence written all over it. THe river bed is relaxing.

  7. The little boy seems confused. The puppy has innocence written all over that face. The river bed is relaxing.

  8. cheeky puppy! hehe 🙂

  9. Great shots!

    The first two really made me smile…the lil’ JR is too cute for his own good!

    The river…oh, so relaxing…very nice~

  10. hehe Looks like trouble on the first two. Definitely suspicious of the first one and I can feel the frustration in the second. The last one is very tranquil. Good job!

  11. Well the first two together made me laugh. Were they taken at the same time? The first seems to be the reaction of what the second one did. LOL The puppy one if it were my home and my puppy would probably at first make me mad but since he’s not…it made me feel joy because he’s so darn cute. The last one gave me calmness and peace. Very nice photo.

  12. Well done..:-)

  13. You just have to feel sorry for that kid…he looks like the dog and they’re both in trouble 😉

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