Sunday Stills~Graffiti/Street Art…

…in my post today for Sunday Stills it will be Graffiti/Mirror Art.

I had to improvise today since we don’t have a lot of graffiti/street art around here in the country.  I couldn’t even find road signs that were spray painted.  So here is my offering for today.

Check out other graffiti/street art here:

Have a great day.  I’m happy to be back!



6 Responses to “Sunday Stills~Graffiti/Street Art…”

  1. thats great 🙂

    p.s i’m having trouble posting any comments onto blogger as well..

  2. lol…I love the really creative ones and this qualifies! Good job!

  3. Very funny, I like it.

  4. tagging practice,eh?

  5. Are you the artist? Well done. 🙂

  6. Works for me..:-))

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