Sunday Stills – Flowers/Wildflowers

Welcome to Sunday Stills-Flowers/Wildflowers.  Also this one is dedicated to my Mom – it’s her birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!

I was excited when I read this weeks SS was flowers – my favorite subject.  Get ready, this may be a long post.  I’ll try to control myself, so here goes.

Last weekend we drove to Lexington, KY, to visit with my brother’s new trailer sales that recently opened (custom horsetrailers, stock and etc.).   While there my sis-in-law, Mom and friend Amy took a jaunt to the estate of Henry Clay.  Ashland Estate is a beautiful brick home with several acres of lawn, brick-walled formal gardens and a peony garden.  Inside the formal gardens we found this georgeous rose.  There were no name stakes, so I have no idea it’s name – I just called it “beautiful”.

Here’s a sneak peek of the peony garden and that’s my Mom.  I entitled this photo-‘Mom, praying to peony gods’.  I’m saving the rest of the peonies for a later post, so you’ll have to check back later.

My lilacs this year – the bush was loaded.  This has been a great year for flowers.

Charisma – my Mother’s day rose from my older son.

This was taken at the lavender farm near us, Meadowbrook Farms, at their Lavender Day last year.  That’s my sis-in-law, Lori there in the background and lots of honey bees enjoying that wonderful lavender nectar.

The next two photos are of a couple of my favorite daylilies – in an hour my favorites may be something else.  I’ve never met a daylily that I didn’t like love.  The first one is South Seas Moldovan,  just home from McMurray’s Daylilies and waiting to start growing in it’s new home.  Primal Scream is the second.  It was daylily of the year in 2007.  My husband calls it my “investment”.  This pic was taken last summer and this year it has triples in size.  Can’t wait to see the blooms this summer.

This was just one of those pics that you snap without thinking and ends up being one of your faves.

Sunday Gloves daylily macro shot.

Last but not least – a weed that grows everywhere around here.  It is thick in my blackberry patch and grows from a little bulb that looks like a small onion.  It’s cute so I thought I’d add it the collection.

Hope everyone has a great day.   Check out more Sunday Stills-Flowers/Wildflowers as:

See y’all later.


15 Responses to “Sunday Stills – Flowers/Wildflowers”

  1. Regular Guy Says:

    Very nice photos and flowers. I like the Charisma Rose, very orange and different.

  2. Happy Birthday to your mom! Don’t you just love flowers??? The lavendar shot is my favorite.

  3. Great flower series..I just love that second daylily the one by the fence post..stunning!! Of course they are all flowers..I like them all:)

  4. That orange rose is so beautiful! And happy birthday to your Mom! May mom’s are the best as May is my mom’s birthday month too! 🙂

    From the Heart of Texas

  5. these are gorgeous, well done
    i want to spend time smelling them all

  6. Great shots, thats a lot of lavender..:-)

  7. Happy BDay to your mom! I could almost hear the bees a buzzing in that lavender shot.

  8. Lovely shots!

  9. The orange rose is amazing.

  10. Beautiful! Happy Birthday to your mom!

  11. Awesome macro shot!

  12. all fantastic shots. Love the lavender field. and yes, the orange daylilies are very nice. the yellow one was a fantastic shot!

  13. Wow..stunning..these are all wonderfully beautiful photos! Lovely!

  14. Loved the all. Great job. 🙂

  15. What a collection! Wow.

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