Sunday Stills – the letter B

Today’s Sunday Stills challenge is the letter B.  Some of mine are from my archives but I did have one new from our trip to Lexington, KY, yesterday. 

We found this momma and baby burro while on a drive a couple weeks ago.  I wanted to put them in the truck and take them home with me.

As you know from my older posts, I love old barns and old houses.  They need someone to love them – that’s me.  This is an old barn that is near us.  There’s a house across the road from it that needs as much love as it does.

Bricks, I know this could be under any number of different headings, but I loved this photo of the window and chimneys on the back side of the Henry Clay estate, Ashland, in Lexington, Kentucky.  Neat place, must go back when we have more time.  I’ll post more photos of some of the gardens later.

Last but not least is my Marine bear.  He is a reminder of all the men and women that serve around the world.  Semper Fi!To check out more Sunday Stills go to:



14 Responses to “Sunday Stills – the letter B”

  1. I love the pics but the baby burro is my favorite!

  2. oh, love the baby burro. I like taking pics of old barns too. They still have such character.

  3. Great shots! The old barn and the bear shots are way too cool 😀

  4. I love the bricks. The burros are cute too!

  5. Love the barn!!!

  6. very nice photos, the bear is super cute

  7. Beautifully shot. I love the overgrown barn.

  8. Good job! Loved them all. 🙂

  9. I love that barn. It is so beautiful even as it is merely a skeletal remains at this point.

  10. Superb shots!! i loved the barn n marine bear

  11. I really like the old barn! Great shot. The brick work is wonderful.

  12. Those are great choices! I love the old barn too and that is the cutest little bear!

  13. Great shots, love the marine bear..Semper Fi..:-)

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