Sunday Stills – the color Orange

I’ve decided to use some of my archive photos for today’s post.  When looking back through my files I found quite a few with the color orange and thought I’d share some of them with you.

The first three photos are of sunrises from our front yard.  I know, some of you are saying we had ‘sunrise/sunset’ photos last week, but they were supposed to be current photos and mine are all from my archives. 

Sorry about all the powers lines and the cell tower, but this is what I have to look at.  Where would we be without them?This was taken from under the dogwood tree – actually I was trying to hide from all the traffic driving by because I was in my pjs.This is taken from my kitchen porch.  I love the silhouettes of Mr. & Mrs. Carpenter’s house, the flag pole and check out the moon in the upper right hand corner.This is my private stash of bittersweet.  I’m not telling anyone where I found it.This is one of my favorite day lilies – Primal Scream.  It’s a bright orange and has a bloom of about 9 inches.  Beautiful!A macro shot of the center of one of my irises.

I love this photo.  This is a photo of my niece’s wedding bouquet.  Look at those colors!  They are as bright and bubbly as she is.  Actually she wasn’t my niece until after she carried this bouquet.  Happy Anniversary Brice and Anna – I’m a few days late!

To enjoy more “orange” photos, go to:

Have a great day – Sharon


17 Responses to “Sunday Stills – the color Orange”

  1. Whether recent or archived, a great selection. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Gorgeous shots! The shots of the sky are breathtaking.

  3. Wow WoW WOW!! Beautiful photo’s. Incredible sky’s. I can’t say enough about the flowers. What a lovely bouquet.

  4. Love the sky shots! What beautiful scenery!

  5. the bouqet is gorgeous
    you have a lovely selections of photos

  6. You should try to take pictures in your P.J.s more often. That one from behind the Dogwood tree is great. They are all great.

  7. Oh my goodness! These are so great…so vibrant, so colorful….so orange!

    And that moon in the one photo is cool!
    The berries and the flowers are stunningly beautiful!

    You rocked this challenge!


  8. Wonderful shots of lots of orange things! Love them!

  9. Taking pictures in my pj’s is something I do all the time 🙂 Great pics!

  10. Wonderful flowers shots..I am partial to flowers..
    I had to smile at the thought of the bouquet and the bride being happy and bubbly. When my daughter got married..she specifically said no Gerbera Daisys..well wouldn’t you know it..three of them..big and orange.. I had to search late on a Saturday for replacements..she cried so much that a neighbor took flowers out of the bridesmaids bouquets and switched them around.. that is a memory I haven’t had in awhile:)

    • theegggather Says:

      Thanks for the comments. The story of your daughter makes me want to cry for her. Glad everything worked out. Anna’s wedding was in Cancun, so the bright daisies and other colors were very appropriate. Thanks again. Sharon


  11. Beautiful selections! The sunset without the wires and tower would be less interesting. That’s a gorgeous day lily, and wedding bouquet!

  12. All are so very beautiful…but I just LOVE that 2ND one, with it’s black, moody, leafy silhouette!
    Awesome shots!

  13. Lovely. Orange is not a subtle colour really, is it?!

  14. You’ve got some gorgeous flower shots for sure! But that first shot with the orange sky is DEFINITELY orange!

  15. Great choice. Beautiful flowers.

  16. Great shots..:-)

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