Sunday Stills – Valentine’s Day

The creative part was my husband’s.  I just snapped the photo.  This was a valentine that my hubby gave me years and years ago.  Couldn’t get rid of such a work of art and who would know that it would be just the perfect subject for our Sunday Stills challenge.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! 

See more special valentines at:


13 Responses to “Sunday Stills – Valentine’s Day”

  1. I think this is the perfect gift…and your husband has a wonderful sense of humor too~~

  2. Love it! I say the ones made from the heart are the best anyway!

  3. The heart means much more than one had he bought you. It must be, as you have kept it.

  4. naww isn’t that cute!

  5. I think that a handmade card is more generous than a store bought. It shows the time and thoughtfulness that went into it. He didn’t even need to write that he’s broke. He loves you and that’s all that matters. So sweet. Thanks for sharing and have a special day with your love muffin!


  6. Love it! yes, it is a keepsake!

  7. I love that hand made, sentimental card that your man made…those are ALWAYS the BEST!
    Loved that you shared it!

  8. So very creative and cute!

  9. The day is not about money, but rather memories and this was a sweet reminder of how much he loves you.

  10. A charming keeper of a Valentine! Stay warm!

  11. That is a sweet one!

  12. I love your choice, sweet memories. 🙂
    Happy Valentines Day.

  13. Very cool!! 🙂

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