Sunday Stills – Best of ’09

Here are my favorites from the 2009 challenges.  My first is of my Grandpa Brown’s tobacco barn.  It may not be the best of composition but it brings back a lot of memories to me and the fact that it is not longer standing – they tore it down shortly after the pictures were taken.

 My second choice is a macro shot of one of my favorite day lilies – Agnes Schumate.

Hope you enjoy these and please checkout all the favorites of 2009 at:

11 Responses to “Sunday Stills – Best of ’09”

  1. I missed these shots from last week…glad I took a peek!

    How sad that the barn is no longer standing 😦

    Your macro has gorgeous color!

  2. Regular Guy Says:

    Very nice pictures, I’m partial to older barns, but your flower is great.

  3. I love old barns. Great scenery around the barn – very natural setting! I need to work on my macros, to get them as close in detail as yours!

  4. That macro is amazing, but the barn pic is my favorite. It makes me sad that it was torn down, though. We’re you able to save most of the barn wood? Apparently barn wood is very popular for turning into artistic creations and for even recycling into furniture and rustic flooring.
    I get so sad to see the old barns go. They are such a very special part of history. Most barns these days are made out metal or are just so modern and have no character.


  5. Too bad the old barn is no longer standing, I hope you kept some of the wood from it. The lily is such a lovely warm color.

  6. the macro lilly is gorgeous, i have one similar to this i took myself

  7. Oh…I just love the history on your barn…barns are so cool…sorry yours is not standing anymore.
    Nice Macro!

  8. Very good shots! I like the first one, too. In our state, that would have been what we call a corn crib. We don’t grow tobacco here. The macro shot is also lovely.

  9. I love barns, but I really like your macro of the lily. 🙂

  10. Very cool, love the second shot..:-)

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