New Year Update

OK, this is all words, no pictures, just words.  Here’s what’s going on in our lives since the last time I posted.  I’ll begin with December 24, got to airport to pick up Marine son at 8:02 pm, no plane till 9:40 pm, then 10 pm then back to 9:40 – walked to the other terminal where they have Starbucks, yes,he actually got there at 9:30.  Waited on luggage…………. finally, walked to the truck and headed home.  Planning on other son being there so we could catch up on news, but he called at 12:20 am (it’s Christmas by now, Santa was to be here and we were still up, what to do?) and said the computers were down at work and didn’t know when he would be home.  He arrived at 2:20 am, we were in bed.  Don’t ask me is Santa had been here yet, all I know is that when I got up later the cookies were gone, the milk glass was half empty and the bottle of Bailey’s Irish Creme was on the table with the lid off.  He must have had a rough night too.  All those crazy people still up roaming around at that time of the morning disrupting his deliveries!    YEAH, it’s Christmas morning, again, had a very quiet relaxing day.  Since then it’s been a dead run.  Trying to get family together to visit before Marine son had to return to his sunny home – I emphasize sunny – it’s snowed and the sun hasn’t shined, shone or whatever the word is since he’s been here – BUT, we’ve had fun.  He’s caught up with a lot of his friends and family has stopped by to visit.  Thought he was leaving for the sunny place  this past Thursday, but low and behold, on Monday night he found out he could stay awhile longer.  Call the airline, call the big guy on base and change plans.  He’s still here, snoozing away as I write this, yeah!!  We called all the family and friends that we’d invited in for a get-together on Wednesday night and changed it to Sunday afternoon.  Dear Lord, I’m getting to old for all this running and changing of minds – BUT, we’re having fun.  Speaking of running, I don’t run anymore, and the mind thing, I don’t think I have one or if I do, it’s very slow and lagging.  It’s been a wonderful visit with him and everyone else that we’ve seen.  This morning I’m off to the chiropractor to get an adjustment and massage, ahhhh, I can hardly wait.  Then off to the historical society to help and then off to his friend’s house for supper and some cards tonight.  Tomorrow we’ll prepare for the folks all coming in on Sunday and then early next week we’ll be heading for the airport again.  This time it will not be as anticipated as the last trip there.  It will be a long time until we see him again and the 2000 plus miles that separate us now will seem like a short distance compared to where he will be for the next several months, BUT we’ve had fun!  If you read this and are in our neck of the woods on Sunday, stop by, but be sure to where your longjohns(I could go for a longjohn from White’s bakery right now, mmmmm. In case you’re wondering, they are long, cream filled doughnuts with icing on top) and mittens, it’s cold here, BUT we’re going to have fun!  I’ll have pictures next week so stop back by then and remember to say a prayer for our military, both here in the United States and around the world.  God bless them all.  Until next time, I don’t have any eggs to gather, but I have some to crack and bake with(more pounds on the butt), I think it will pound cake this weekend, that’s his fav.  WE’RE HAVING FUN!

I’m off to crack some eggs and bake – Sharon


One Response to “New Year Update”

  1. What a great read, and a scenario [weather wise anyway] so different to our Christmas Day here in Australia – although it was cooler than normal for a December summer, but so so different to the type of weather you guys over there have been having – we don’t experience anything like that here [unless you live up in the Australian Alps, and thats only for a few months, June-Sept normally].
    I enjoyed your entry, thanks for the opportunity to read,
    Cheers from Bill [Sunbury, Australia]

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