Hello, HELLO, tap-tap-tap, anybody out there?

Hi Folks!  Well, I’m still around – I think.  I hope I have all of my computer/blog problems worked out.  I wish I could say that about me – I’m sitting here in front of the puter with a cup of hot ginger tea, a bottle of Robotussin, a roll of toilet paper(it’s easier to carry around than a box of tissue), a giant economy size can of Lysol spray, the heating pad on the floor under my feet and a quilt around my shoulders.  Do you feel sorry for yet?  Oh, and by the way, it’s snowing outside.  I’ve fought with the blog site for 2 weeks now and was just about to give up and start working on a new one at another site, but I think I have things worked out now.  We’ll see when I begin to post pictures.  OK, the pity party is over.

A couple weeks ago I took a walk around the yard and snapped some pictures of a few of the last lingering flowers that were still hanging on.  This is my 4th of July rose with a few rain drops on it.

I wish I could keep it all winter long – look at all those rosehips.  I may have to use them for winter decorations around the house.

A few lonely mums remain in the barrel on the kitchen porch.  Actually, this was their second blooming of the fall.

A lonely pear, it has a small blemish, but that’s ok, none of us are perfect.  The squirrel, yellow jackets and the chickens have enjoyed them this year.  We had a very good crop and probably won’t have another for a couple of years.  They tasted best straight from the tree.

It’s still not cold enough to stop the moles from working in the yard.  We found piles of dirt here and there as we strolled around.  We also discovered a few other “piles” – you know, dogs, chickens, deer, racoon, possum, and whatever else decides to romp through the yard.  I think we have a big “ANIMAL TOILET” sign somewhere on our property, I just haven’ found it yet.  When I do, I’m going to point it in another direction.

A few other discoveries while on our outing was Miss Priss and her entourage of followers.  They still come to visit us even though Mr. & Mrs. Carpenter are home.  We don’t mind.  They have made a nest in our barn in the bales of straw and leave us an egg or two ever so often.  I had to call Mrs. Carpenter a few weeks ago to let her know that they weren’t laying less, just laying them in my barn – you know, finders keepers……..,mmmmmmm fresh eggs – I’ll be back in a bit, going to the barn and open the door so they can get in. 

Our next stop was to see the hydrangea – oak leaf – is my favorite because of the beautiful color they give you in the fall months.  They still have the dried creamy bloom from summer and then the red, russets and greens of fall. 

 By the time we made our rounds it was time to go inside for a cup of hot tea.  Tully’s toes were getting cold and my fingers were more than cold.  Inside we settled into our favorite chair to cuddle and get warm.  The Christmas Cactus was just beginning to bloom.  This poor little potted plant was a cheapy from the ‘after Christmas sales’ last year.  I hate to tell you this, but it’s in the same little cramped pot that I bought it in.  It got neglected a lot during the past year but it’s very forgiving.  I bought a pretty new pot to plant it in, but instead I just sat the cheapo plastic pot inside.  Here’s what it looked like the last week of November and again just a day ago.  This is the only houseplant that I’ve ever been able to keep a whole year.  I’m either improving or I’ve found the miracle plant.  I’d say it was the latter!

I’m heading for the barn to see if the hens left me any eggs for lunch.

Later, the egg gatherer



3 Responses to “Hello, HELLO, tap-tap-tap, anybody out there?”

  1. Hello Sharon! I’m sorry it’s taken me so long, I keep meaning to drop by and forgetting. Your photos are lovely, and I’m glad to hear most of the issues are worked out. I’ve missed your blog! 🙂


  2. Sorry to hear you were under the weather and hope you are chipper by now. Beautiful Christmas cactus. 🙂

  3. The Christmas cactus likes to be in a crowded pot. If you replant it don’t give it too much room or it won’t bloom for quite a while. Once it finishes blooming, give it a little food and it will bloom again in about a month. Then let it rest till next year. Love you, cuz. — D.

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