OK, I’m not an educated photographer  – I usually point and click.  If I like it I keep it and if not, it’s gone. 

Here’s my efforts for this “challenge”.


2009 Snow


Douglas Pond from under the dogwood.

There were more, but my computer has taken on a mind of it’s own, so I’m off the get the hammer.



  1. Just wandering around here enjoying your great pictures and little blurbs…..I really love the spider web shots. They are amazing!

  2. Nice shots, that bottom one has a 3D feel to it!

  3. Both wonderful photos, great job with the challenge. Gone computer shopping yet?

  4. I don’t usually threaten my computer with hammers, just the second-story window (if I’m really aggravated, the seventh-story). I love your shots! 🙂

  5. Very well done!

  6. Carroll Baker Says:

    Great photos!

  7. You did not find your hammer did you? Nice shots!

  8. lol! No…not the hammer! gah! 😀

    Lovely photos!


  9. Nice shots. The snow is a great reminder that winter is on it’s way. 🙂

  10. Its a great shot of the fallen tree.

  11. Wow, nice job, I like the second one a lot!

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