Sunday Stills-Silos or Water Towers

Wilkin Corner SiloMain Road SiloMarshall Dairy Farm SilosSmith Farm

As usual, I like taking photos of things that need a lot of love and a couple of the silos around here need “lots” of love.  These are all taken within just a 6 mile radius of our home.  The first is of a silo at  ‘Wilkin’s Corner’.  There is now a Mennonite family that is living in the small house behind the silo.  You can see their buggy sitting beside it – sorry for the stop sign.  We were holding up traffic, talking to a Mennonite man and trying to keep Tully in the truck, so I had to take what I could get.  The second is of a silo on the little township road close to our home about a mile away.  The third is of a working dairy farm nearby and the last is of a farm that has been in the Smith family for as long as I can remember and then some – believe me, that’s a loooooong time, ’cause my kids say I’m older than dirt!  Hope everyone had a good time finding their silos and water towers.  Be sure and checking other photos out on Sunday Stills.  Thanks Ed for this weeks challenge.


16 Responses to “Sunday Stills-Silos or Water Towers”

  1. Very nice shots Sharon! I love the first one! 😀

  2. Those are great!!!!

  3. Love ’em! I think the coloration of the first silo is very interesting. You don’t see that very much.

  4. I have never seen a silo, and I feel like in a different era looking at you photos. That first silo, has it got a big gap for a door?

    Thanks for visiting my site. the only silo photo I had was borrowed from my bro in law who took it in Australia, and it was a very modern silo.

    • theegggather Says:

      Ann – The first one is an old silo and part of the wall of it is gone. LikeI said before, I like to take photos of things that need a lot of love. IN GOD WE TRUST

  5. Oooh! These are really great! Good job!


  6. The first one with the buggy is my favorite.

  7. Very nice photos, every one of them.

  8. The first one is great with the patchwork bricks and the leaning away tree.

  9. Love the first one with the buggy. Well done.

  10. Great shots.. 🙂

  11. love that first one!

  12. The first photo is very the colors of the bricks! 🙂

  13. Love the brick work in #1. Good job. 🙂

  14. Nice selection~

  15. love the first one with the interesting tree

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