Times, they are a changin’

Yes, I know it’s been a long time since my last post, but I’ve been busy.  Our household is in the process of a change.  Our older son will coming back to the country after years of living in Chicago.  Jobs in his field are very, very scarce and he decided it was time to come back the the country for awhile and work in our small town.  It’s hard to believe that after loosing close to 9,000 jobs in our surrounding community that he has a job lined up here in his hometown.  It certainly isn’t what he is use to doin or making, but will pay his bills while living here at home until times get better and who knows what it might lead too.  It will be a big change for all of us, but I’m happy that he will be here and he said yesterday when I talked with him that he wanted to help me plant some flowers and work on the yard.  I know, it’s late in the season, but we’ve been doing some other work and when your old it takes more time.  It’s not too late for perennials and some annuals, if they don’t bloom, we will have had fun working on them together.  Another blessing about the it is, at the end of July our other son will be passing through for a couple of weeks and we are going to have a big cookout with all our friends and family to send him on his way to California.  It will be the first time in a longtime that they both will be here at the same time.  I’m looking forward to that.  Friday night will be an exciting time around here, when he gets in with his ‘cat’.  THE CAT, is getting old and set in his ways, doesn’t make-up well with people or other animals and we have a 9 month-old Jack Russell that can’t stand the site of a cat.  We are looking for a cat sitter close to home so they can visit one another often, so I don’t know how that will all play out until we find one.  Any suggestions, anyone???  Well, I’ve got a room to get ready and closet to clear out, so for now I’m off again.  Hopefully I’ll be back for Sunday Stills this weekend.  See you later.

Sharon, the Momma hen!


3 Responses to “Times, they are a changin’”

  1. I love how life goes full circle..so happy to hear that you will have your boys there to enjoy even if it is for a few weeks!!! Always thinking of you!! xo trish

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  3. aunt do Says:

    think your pics are almost as beautiful as you are….wish my thumb wasnt so black so I could raise some beautiful flowers, too. looking forward to the “boys” being home, but have to skip the cat. Achoo, hives, etc.

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