Here’s What is Blooming Now


Butterscotch and White Iris

This is my surprise iris.  It probably came from my sis-in-law’s in Indiana, but I don’t really remember.   Finally, after about 7 days of nothing but bud, it opened today.  I love it!






4th of July Climbing Rose

This my 4th of July climbing rose.  It  is covered with bloom, as are the others.  I’ve never had this many buds on any of my rose bushes before.





Purple IrisAnother clump of irises.  These have to be the most beautiful of all the purple ones I have.  They have multiplied quickly and have enormous blooms.





In a few days my Fairy Rose will be in bloom and I’ll have some photos of it . 

Until then, I’m going to the chicken coop – Sharon


One Response to “Here’s What is Blooming Now”

  1. I’m so jealous!! I love your irises. I have a pale yellow, and a very pale purple in my gardens, nothing as brilliant as your. Very nice.

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