Sunday Stills – Eyes

Baby Robin EyesDean's EyeBelle's Eyes




Couldn’t resist the pic of the baby robin.  We found him sitting on the fence early this morning, so I just had to put him in here.  I had taken the picture of my husband’s eye earlier, not knowing that it would come into play for this challenge.  The last photo is of Belle, our beagle, she has beautiful eyes, full of love.

This was a fun challenge. Thanks Ed.

Check out other photos of eyes at Sunday Stills.


13 Responses to “Sunday Stills – Eyes”

  1. Nice job, great shots. Like the robin.

  2. Great shots, love the baby birds!

    • theegggather Says:

      Thanks for stopping by.  The baby bird was a last minute photo.  We were out early Sunday morning and there he/she was sitting there waiting for a picture to be taken.  We have a gazillion of them right now.

      Sharon   IN GOD WE TRUST  

  3. spookydragonfly Says:

    The eyes have it! Wonderful shots!

  4. Beautiful shots! Eyes truly are the windows to the soul.

  5. Great eyes! The baby robin is perfect..what a great capture! 🙂

  6. Wow! Belle’s eyes look almost human!

    Great captures all.


  7. Great shots! The baby robin shot is perfect! 😀

  8. Those are vey nicely done! Love how close you got!!

  9. Nice! That baby Robin’s wonderful!

  10. Great shots! Well done.

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