A Few Blooms Here and There

Today is a beautiful day.  Blue skies, lots of sunshine, green grass, more green grass and …..well, more green grass.  I should be on the mower, but instead I’m wondering around my yard snapping pictures of the few blooms I have at the present time.  I guess if D can take the day to go fishing, I can just mosey around the yard doing nothing.  Tomorrow, it’s suppose to rain, so that means no fishing, no mowing and then by the time it dries we’ll have to use the bush hog.  Oh, well, it’s either feast or famine. 

 Sunday afternoon I was at my Mom’s and snapped a few photos of her flowers too, so I thought I’d add them this group.  Mom's ColumbinePainted DaisyMy ColumbineIris









I’m feeling really guilty, I’d better go get the mower going before he gets home, or at least have it running when he comes in the driveway.  By then, it will be time for supper and I can sit and listen to the ‘fish tales’ of the day.  I’m sure there will be lots to listen too.  Five men on a boat, all day long – there will be lots of ‘fish tales’ or lots of gossip.  Probably both.  

Enjoy the pictures, I enjoyed taking them.

Until later – Sharon


One Response to “A Few Blooms Here and There”

  1. spookydragonfly Says:

    Hi Sharon…Thanks for visiting my woods! I see you’re a fellow Ohian and enjoy the country life, too. I loved your Thelma and Louise story….pretty blooms, too!

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