Meet Thelma and Louise

Miss Priss and BabeI'm Too Sexy for my FeathersThelma and LouiseI thought it was time that you came to know why my blog is entitled, “Just Chicken Sittin”. I do not own chickens, but my neighbors do. Mrs. Carpenter decided last summer that she was going to go into the chicken business. Not a huge business, just a few meat chickens and some laying hens. Her hubby, Mr. Carpenter, built a neat little chicken house from the old barn boards of his Dad’s barn, he painted it, put up shutters and a window box, built the pen and the whole works. The babies arrived and over the next few weeks grew into nice fat hens, and, oh, yes, one cute little black and white rooster – little being the defining word. The economy being as it is, the carpentry business in our area was next to nothing, so Mr. Carpenter and his son and son-in-law took jobs out of state – way out of state. Like, Texas! Since they would be working so far from home Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter’s kids and grand kids packed up and went with Mr. Carpenter and stayed for weeks on end. The grand kids are home schooled, so this provided an opportunity for them to see some our country and experience life in other states. Mrs. Carpenter stayed behind to take care of things on the home front, but as the weeks went by she got very lonely for her family. We’ve been neighbors since 1976, their kids are our kids, ours are theirs. They’ve broken each others collar bones, banged one another in the head with hammers, wrecked mini bikes together, gone into the chicken business together, cried when one of ours was leaving for the Marines and prayed for one another all of these years. They’ve also baby sat our horses, goats and dogs on numerous occasions. What are neighbors for?  We love em’ and I hope they love us. 

The picture above(which is the same as my banner pic)is of Thelma and Louise. Thelma and Louise are the rebels of the brood. They do their own thing. They are the first to escape from the pen each morning when we let them out for the day and usually like to stay out late at night – they like their night life.  Several nights a week we have to go fetch T and L from the fence behind the coop and escort them to the door so they can go in and roost with the rest of the flock. They just like breaking curfew, doing their own thing, ridin’ the fence and staying out late at night. Can’t you just see them – breaking the speed limit in their little convertible, their sun glasses on and their scarves flappin’ in the breeze! Yup, there goes Thelma and Louise!

Then, there’s the rooster of the flock. He doesn’t have a specific name. It just depends on how he is acting and how I’m feelin’ on any particular day. The name he likes the least is “I’m Gonna Flog Your Butt” if you come strutting up to me like that again. I’ve never flogged it, it’s too cute! He’s a ‘lot of strut’ and that’s about it. He’s a little guy, there’s only three other hens that are smaller than him and that has to be confusing. He’s got to be wondering what these humans were thinking when they turned him loose in a pen with 17 hens and only 3 little ones in the bunch!?!? Humans, who can figure them out!

Then we come to Miss Pris and Babe. They just kinda roam around the properties huntin’ for lunch. They love to go into our barn with D and follow him around while he is puttering. They’ve established a nice dusting hole in the corner of my flower bed next to the kitchen porch. They are sweet and like to follow you to coop when it’s feeding time. Then all the others, I’m sure I’ll have names for them too as time goes on. I actually enjoy taking care of the Mr. & Mrs. Carpenter’s flock. They’re like their owners, sweet and lovable. I love my neighbors and their whole ‘brood’.  Mrs. Carpenter was headin’ for Texas this morning to be with her family, so as of 6am we’re “JUST CHICKEN SITTIN’“. 

Until later – Sharon

PS – my pictures are in the wrong order – first one is of Miss Pris and Babe, second is the rooster and third is  Thelma and Louise.  DUH!


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  1. Rose Podolsky Says:

    The Fall colors I’ve seen for the last several weeks mostly in Ocean Country NJ, are like none I’ve ever seen in my life. Last year was a record breaker also. We also have record breaking piles of leaves along the whole 100 feet of our front yard. We have many very tall oaks on our entire acre.

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